Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Windfall

More money! Its just so exciting!

You see, I haven't turned in my mileage for work since November. For those of you who don't know, when I have to use my personal vehicle for work, my job will reimburse me based on each mile I drive. Some of my co-workers don't bother to keep track, but I do... It's generally just a few dollars, but rather a few dollars in my pocket then not I say.

If I have to run to another center to drop off money or pick something up... or say attend an offsite meeting... I just keep a little notebook in my car and write it down. It takes me just a moment to keep track of and I normally will turn it in every other month of so... only this time I hadn't turned anything in since November!

I know, I know... its really bad of me, but I have been so busy that every time I got a free moment to do it, I always got distracted and then it became this thing I never wanted to tackle and the list of trips just kept getting longer... which made me want to do it even less....

At the beginning of the month I thought we were still going to need to "find money" to make the Roth IRA deadline... so I bit the bullet and did all 6 pages or reimbursement requests...


and I got a check for $128.57

It might be a hassle for some, but $128.57 returned to my pocket is kind of awesome right now.

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