Monday, August 5, 2013

August Budget

I'm going to have to do the budget post a bit differently again this month  because SCB got a new job!!!

YUP. Friday Aug 2nd was his last day working for Goodwill and on Monday he started his new job working for a company that distributes electrical supplies to contractors and builders!!

It's a real job... 40 hours a week... might even have benefits... pays better... and it AWESOME. They even have a bonus program if the company does well that year. 

So because of that AMAZING news, i'll be doing a rough outline budget for SCB's income since he will be getting paid from Goodwill still and now his new job. Depending on the pay schedule, there might be a break in paychecks since they aren't paid weekly and he'll need to work their first before he can submit a time card... plus SCB will be taking time off this month because we have family coming in town for our sealing. 

So first we'll break down my income:

For SCB-
10% Church
15% Retirement
$40 Pocket Money SCB
$40 Pocket Money SCG
The remainder of the income we will just tuck away this month since we have been bad about moving it to a determined savings account.

Remaining Financial Goals

  1. Make one extra Mortgage payment this year:  ($385.71 / $669.96) 57%
  2. Put at least 15% of our income into retirement:  Me: 14.9%   SCB: 11.5%
    1. Deferred Comp: $70.00
    2. Roth IRA SCG: $2776.28
    3. Roth IRA SCB: $308.02
    4. Pension: $1,222.46
  3. Save $1,500.00?????? for dental work for SCB
    1. We really need to get on this....
  4. Save $1,000.00 for future car repairs and the start of a car replacement fund.
    1. Ditto Here!

Remaining Fun Annual Goals Updates
Wow! I've cleared through most of my *fun*annual goals already!

  1. DONE!!!! Find something new to crochet-- sweater, pattern, anything
  2. DONE!!!!! Sew something from scratch or re purpose something I was going to toss out into something I'd wear. You'll have to wait to see the post on this because i'm going to have to take in more clothes and do more work!
  3. DONE!!!! Cook or try to cook 6 new things or recipes
    1. Salmon! (I learned how to cook it in the oven)!
    2. Home made Pico Salsa
    3. Tomato and Cucumber Salad
    4. Broccoli Cakes
    5. Tri Tip Kabobs
    6. Cauliflower Cheese Sticks--- it was gross... we ended up eating pizza instead that night...
    7. Laura Pasta
    8. Zucchini Pasta
    9. Korean Beef
    10. Corn on the cobb
  4. DONE!!! Read / Enjoy 6 new books
    1. Sabriel by Garth Nix (audio book)
    2. Lirael by Garth Nix (audio book)
    3. Abhorsen by Garth Nix (audio book)
    4. Nothing to Loose by Lee Child (audio book)
    5. The Hard Way by Lee Child (audio book)
    6. The killing Floor by Lee Child (audio book)
    7. Die trying by Lee Child (audio book)
  5. DONE!!!!! Loose weight (or just get the scale to 148 lbs and stay there or under)
    1. Its creeping back up around the 150 marker so i'm re-committing myself to fitness again :) Guess that happens when you stop working out?
  6. Change my last credit card to my married name
  7. DONE!!!! Grow a garden with my neighbor
    1. For any early birthday present, SCB let me get a tomato plant, 3 strawberry plants, and 4 bell pepper plants! The strawberries are sooooo Yummy!
  8. DONE!!!!! Complete a half marathon in 3 hours and 30 minuets or less. DONE
    1. Finished in 2 hours, 41 minutes!

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