Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June Spending

Holy Batman folks! Money has been really crazy in the South County household the past 2 months with the refinance and SCB's full time job. Having money is a really weird concept after being on a tighter budget for so long. We definitely let out the reins and enjoyed the fruits of our now joint labor.

Despite eating out too much (like 4 times what we normally do) and just picking up things we have wanted for a while but have had to say no to because they didn't fit in the budget (clothes, dog, kitchen stuff)... we did end the month with a surplus of $600.00 AFTER putting away the rest of the money for our Summer family Stay-cation and then another $300 for our winter Utah Trip.  

So just keep in mind that we didn't just spend every dime that came in... but for what we normally spend, we spent a lot.

Now that we've had a month to "cool" our tightwad jets and get a bunch of "wants" out of the way. (You have no idea how fun it is to tell my husband "sure" "yes" and "ok" and watch his face light up instead of  always saying "no" for a change). 

Here's the damage:
What we have spent this month
Groceries:  $318.27
Gasoline: $228.76
Health Insurance: $178.00
Prescriptions: $60
Eating Out: $190.98 <--- insane="" p="">
Housing: $1,065.48 (may's payment)
Giving: $565
Anniversary: $52.49 (its next month)
Gifts: $16.02
Electricity: $51.35
Cell Phones: $137.91
Internet: $28.99
Pocket Money: $45.00
Clothes: SCG- $23.72
Clothes: SCB- $177.01 (had to replace all my bras!)
Our Doggy: $520.78
Other: $341.73

Groceries were higher because we filled up a propane tank and I did another grocery run at the tail end of this month instead of waiting for next month. I totally gave in and let my husband go crazy with the eating out. It's his favorite thing to do and with us still balancing his working with mine, we ate out A LOT. While we don't go really expensive places-- we almost blew $200 on eating out. We hit a "treat out" 12 times in June. Sure, some were only $5 here, BUT MAN! That category is going DOWN next month for sure.

I also dropped almost $200 this month at Victoria Secret. I had to literally replace all my bras because after loosing 15 lbs and keeping it off, none of my bras fit anymore and I could no longer get away with trying to wear sport bras under everything. With his new job and their semi annual sale lining up together like magic, there were no regrets there... especially since those bras hold up forever!

After we got through the month and started to see the damage as I was adding things in, we realized that we needed to institute the pocket money idea again. Having mad money we can spend without telling one another is amazing. It means my husband can curb his "treats" on a lunch break and my plans to cook a great meal don't get tossed down the drain.

The $300 of other expenses includes:
 $15.00 Relay for Life
 $76.78 Amazon -2 trac phones, TV Wall mount, craft supplies
 $0.99 application
 $52.05 produce slicer and lint roller
 $27.00 Super Cuts
 $39.70 Tupperware and Kitchen stuff
 $47.95 Our first 2 prepaid Cell Phone Cards and candy
 $49.26 water hose, spare keys from Home depot
$33.00   Notary and application fee for my dad's birth certificate.

Basically stuff we have been wanting and haven't been able to get. Our kitchen Tupperware needed some replacing and while we were looking around, we found a better deal for a produce slicer so we will be returning the one we bought.

What we spent money on in 2013:
  • Church Giving: $2,437.00
  • Groceries/Household Supplies: $1,390.83
  • Wanda and Stitch (our '91 Ford Escort & '04 Toyota Camry):
    • Gasoline: $925.77
    • Car Registration: $189.00
    • Car Insurance: $520.34
    • Car Repairs: $109.20
  • Date Night/ Eating Out: $579.24
  • Cell Phones: $829.63
  • Internet: $181.73
  • Electricity: $274.26
  • House: 
    • HOA: $1,575.00
    • Mortgage: $4,177.44
    • Refinance: $447.00
  • Clothes:
    • SCG: $268.75 
    • SCB: $153.03
  • Medical/Dental/Dr/Prescriptions
    • Heath Insurance Premiums: $890
    • Prescriptions: $110.00
    • Dr Bill: $8.00
  • Holidays/Gifts:
    • Valentines Day: $8.50
    • Easter: $13.47
    • Birthdays: 320.31
    • Mother's Day: $23.73
    • Gifts: $16.02
    • Anniversary: $52.49
  • Roxy: Our pup!
    • Adoption fees: $165.95
    • Vet bills: $215.54
    • Food/Toys/Supplies: $139.29
  • Pocket Money
    • SCB: $25
    • SCG: $20
  • Other:
    • Expungement Fees: $292.81
    • Tax preparation Fees: $56.98
    • Computer Parts: $297.32
    • Stamps, Toothbrush heads, Grill Hose $81.52
    • Resume Copies, Plant Container, Craft embroider, Relay For Life Fee: $43.25
    • Camping Backpacks (2): $113.38
    • Yarn for Relay For Life: $93.24
    • Disneyland: $115.00
    • Relay For Life: $15.00
    • 2 trac phones, Wall mount, and craft eyes: $76.78
    • Slicer and lint roller: $52.05
    • Hair Cut: $27.00
    • Kitchen Items: $39.70
    • Pre-paid Cell phone cards: $47.95
    • Garden Hose, house key/car key copies... $49.26
    • Notary Fee + Birth Certificate $33.00

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