Friday, July 5, 2013

Food In June

 Food this past month was a little interesting for our house. Since we were living and dog sitting again, we ended up buying a lot more processed junk than normal at Walmart because we HATE cooking meals when we dog sit because they lack basic ingredients in their home so we have to LUG bags and bags of things over there that this month I just went with easy and convenient.

We actually hit Walmart twice for groceries because we wanted to re-stock our pantry since we new June was going to be a larger income month for us...

Costco went pretty normal. We picked up the basics there and now that SCB is working, we will start to buy Granola bars occasionally in bulk at Costco. If you figure we pay $2.00 for 6 bars at Walmart, we are getting them for $0.30 a piece. When we go in bulk at Costco, we get them for slightly cheaper... $0.26 a piece (and they aren't generic).

Since we were only at home 2 weeks this month, and since we had a rather LARGE walmart trip, Fresh and Easy was on the much smaller side and we only shopped there 2 times last month instead of weekly. I didn't even use any coupons one week because I only spent $14 and was on a time crunch. But with July already here and us back at home, our weekly shopping will return.

Then there's our odds and ends. We hit Ralph's one day because we we were on a walk and needed some bread for SCB's lunches the next day.

Mission Ranch Market seems to be our go to for produce still... and I love the prices. Quantities are in lbs.

Pavilions -- I mentioned how the house we stay at when we dog sit doesn't have basics right? Well we forgot buns, ketchup and ranch at home and had to run down there for some...

Fruitbars were tasty... but really expensive for a small box of 6 of them... but we really like them... We like them so much that my husband figured out how to make our own so now we can avoid paying that much for them and use what we have in the house to make yummy frozen treats...

Homemade Fruit Bar

Isn't my husband handy? I keep forgetting to snap pictures of of dinner before we have them... but I remembered a few days last month.
Spinach Bites

Burgers and Artichokes

Tuna Melts

My co-workers Healthy Casserole.
1 lb browned ground beef -drain fat- mix in 8 oz tomato sauce,
salt, pepper, & garlic Powder... Set aside and Cook 1 box whole
wheat pasta... when the past is done, drain it and add one chopped onion,
a cup of fat free cottage cheese & 1 cup fat free Greek yogurt.
Layer noodle mixture, meat mixture, and more noodles then top
with cheese and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.


  1. even healthier if you used ground turkey.

  2. I love your grocery and food posts!