Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day, Our Way

To many, Valentines day is all about spending money on your loved ones, buying flowers, candy, teddy bears, and lots of red and pink heart shaped items...

and in truth, if SCB had free will on the subject, he'd be in line somewhere trying to plan a grand occasion for the two of us... complete with roses, teddy bears, and who knows what else... But that doesn't fit our budgets and priorities this year... so we decided to pass on buying V-day junk... and be a bit more practical this year. 

Yes, I got a nice v-day card and a small rose plant that we picked up for $0.99, (and he got a bag of peanut butter M&M's)... but we put that as our limit. Anything else heart and valentines day themed that enters our house will do so after Feb 15th on a post Valentines day clearance post V-day sale -- and only if we feel the need to.

So what did we decide to do? Use the money we would have spent on full price valentines day clutter to buy some things we needed/wanted instead.

SCB got a grey long sleeve pull over (something that's on the thin side) because he's been a bit chilly in the house in the mornings and feels too hot in a sweatshirt and too funny in a jacket when he's wearing pj's. He found it on clearance for $9 and has worn it almost every day it hasn't been in the wash so I call that a win.

I on the other hand have been really wanting a pair of brown leggings to wear under some of my slightly shorter dresses to make them more church appropriate... and since I've lost a few pounds and inches already, I've been wearing my brown cinch belt to take in some of the baggier clothes--- and a brown belt doesn't match well with black tights... So I found a pair of brown leggings for $6 at Walmart... and while we were there, I found two running shirts on clearance for $3 a pop (I originally had 4 in my hand and put 2 back because in truth, I'd only really need 2)... and I found a plain long sleeve brown t-shirt that I can layer under my work shirts for extra warmth in the mornings for $5. (We picked up the long sleeve shirt because it was the only small left on the table and I was really excited to go from a Med to a Small in their basic T-shirt size!)

and that was that.

For dinner, we just cooked and ate in and had a normal night together and I didn't feel like I missed out on anything because our dinner wasn't served on heart shaped plates with a "special" menu.

While we don't know what next year will look like for us financially, for this year were happy with our version of "Valentines Day."


  1. Whatever works for you! We went out for dinner but only because we had a giftcard. I got the boyfriend a card (because that's all I could afford) but he surprised me with Skyfall! I'm a lucky girl.

  2. Kudos to you! My BF & I don't agree about any of the Vday hoopla and spent the night watching Nikita while snacking on appetizers for dinner. Although in full disclosure he did bring home two dozen roses for me the night before, he emphatically insisted they weren't a Vday present...haha!

    I love that you two did what's most important to you (and what's best for you). Who says we can only show our love on one day of the year....seriously?!