Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Annual Credit Report monitoring time!

It's a new year folks and if your like me you know what that means...

It's time to take advantage of our free opportunity to access a copy of our credit report from each of the 3 national credit agencies to make sure no one has stolen our identity and tried to go shopping!

The free website is

Once a year you can visit each of the 3 major credit agencies and check out your information. Some people like to do one every 4 months or so, but i'm kind of forgetful so I tend to run them at the beginning of the year when I remember to actually do them! 

I thought it was a bit funny trying to get the information from my husband to run his checks for him... because at 26 he has never pulled his credit report in his life... and didn't know that you could do so for free... or why you should take the 5 minutes to look it over.

I didn't really know what i would find with his, but thankfully no one has taken his identity and ruined his credit. He only had like 3 accounts to glance at... unlike the 16 or so that are listed on my report that i needed to go through to make sure that they were ones I had opened and that the opened ones were open and the closed accounts closed...

Happily all were in good standing and only the addresses I've lived at were listed.

All in all it took 15 minutes max to do ours and you should do the same!

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