Friday, July 6, 2012

Weekly Updates (Belated Style)

I'm just now finally finishing out our end of month spending for July, but after today at 5pm we will be driving up to Utah for a few days to visit with friends and family before hitting the Great Basin National Park for a family camping trip! A beautiful week of vacation, and paid for in nice pretty cash thanks to my extra paycheck this month :)

We've been cleaning out cars, gathering belongings, and just trying to make it to the end of the week so we can go. It's been like SCB has been on sugar 24-7 jumping like a little kid anytime the trip actually comes up or is mentioned.... That's how he is about our trip, and why I decided we should change a few things up and make it longer. We were going to leave on Tuesday and just go camping till Friday in Nevada... but since Utah isn't very far from where we were going to go camping, we figured we'd extend our trip a few days and really make our gas money worth it in the long run and swing into Utah as well. I will finally get to meet baby Alice too!

I feel really accomplished with everything I was able to do this week. My car is actually clean. Vacuumed and empty for a change... I've seen my mom twice (once to borrow her truck for the home remodel weekend... another to borrow an electrical outlet so we could actually vacuum my car clean). I actually finished my kitchen project --- that was 9 months in the making! and I even mailed off a form to finally get one of my retirement accounts liquidated and transferred to another place (I've mailed soooo many forms that I pray that was the last one they needed).

Heck, I even cleaned out my kitchen and SCB and I tossed out some stuff that we haven't touched really at all since we were married/I moved into my place. (So much more counter space now!)

While I like to think we kept our spending pretty well inclined, we did end up having to pull $118.87 out of the slush fund to cover our home improvement weekend (and a meal or two that day during painting since cooking was not an option).

But in good news, we should get a few extra dollars from SCB getting two half days of work through Apple One the other week or so helping assemble some shelves in a warehouse.

Hopefully next month less things will go wrong and we will stay in our vacation budget and our monthly budget

***Crosses Fingers***

Weekly Spending:
June 23:

  • $137.73 Cell Phones
  • $25.91 Fresh & Easy (Groceries)
June 24:
  • $32.66 Walmart (Groceries + House Supplies)
June 25:
  • $262.50 HOA Fee
June 26:
  • $15.00 Doctor's Visit to renew prescription (which we still haven't been billed for?)
  • $3.49 Ralphs (Groceries)
June 27:
  • $35.14 Internet
June 28:
  • 6.73 Chipotle (Date Night)

June 29:

  • 33.18 Mary Kay
June 30:
  • $14.70 Chick-fil-a
  • $47.93 Walmart (Camping stuff)
  • $103.24 Home Depot (Home Improvement stuff)
  • $145.51 Giving
  • $13.41 Jack In the Box
  • $11.06 Home Depot (new desk fan)
Money Goals
  1. Vacation Fund: $500/$500 (100%)
  2. 2012 Roth IRA SCG $2,401.79 / $5,000.00 (48.03%)
  3. Car Fund: $269.58 / $1,000.00 (26.96%)
  4. Paying Extra on the house: $45.77 $1,301.28 (2 additional Mortgage Payments) (3.51%)
  5. 2mnd Roth IRA: $0.00 We will just add up all of SCB's earned income for the year and at the end of the year just put at least 15% into a Retirement account for him. We should be getting a decent savers credit this year so anything we can dump in here will be amazing! We might not be able to open an account for him at Vanguard (might not have $1k) so we may need to open one at ING and then transfer it over there eventually.

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