Thursday, July 5, 2012

My friend walked through our slider door... part 2

New door going in!
I'm not sure what compelled me with this, but I just didn't feel right about home depot advertising for something and not carrying it in their store or on their website.

I got up early on Saturday since I was supposed to be walking with my friend for a few miles (and I honestly can't sleep past 6:30am on any given day because I get up at 4am for work normally) and started looking through Home Depots website. I found the two doors my husband saw online, one $52 the other $60. I put in our zip code since the item was an "in store pick up only" and hit pick up at store on both items.

I started with the nicer door. The first 6 closed locations showed "out of stock/Not available at this location."
The next 6 stores were out of stock as well, and so were the next 24 stores across a 30 mile radius.We liked the more expensive door because it had a metal brace that ran across the middle so you could see the door... but no dice.

I then clicked on the cheaper door which looked almost like the one my friend plowed through. 13 stores later and this one location had 6 in stock!!!! It was about 20 miles away over three freeways but the gas we would pay would be cheaper then getting a custom made door.

I tossed the credit card down and ordered one for $56.03

My friend didn't show up for our walk (she slept through her alarm, my text, and a phone call) so we decided today was going to be home improvement day and made plans to borrow my mom's truck and drive the distance to get the new screen door.

then my phone rang...

It was Home Depot telling me they didn't stock the door I bought online...

But thankfully, they did have one that would fit for a few dollars more so I told him we'd take it and they promised to put it aside for us.

Excited, we picked up my mom's car and drove out there. Apparently our destination was a SUPER home depot and SCB drooled in delight.

While pursuing the store I decided it was finally time to actually finish my kitchen door as well. I'm not sure if you remember, but as a nice present to me and in honor of owning my home for 2 years, I finally bought a door for my kitchen to hide the washer/dryer and to help muffle the noise of the loud machine. While I love my door still to this day, I never bothered to paint it or put up the matching trim on the door frames.
Trim and base boards secured!

So, we picked up painters tape, nails, door trim, a can of paint, a few brushes, that thing you use to hit the nails all the way into the board, and some of that white goop you use to cover the nail heads and patch stuff.... and some caulk to seal it all up.... and one of the boxes with the saws that lets you cut the proper angles..... oh ya, and our slider patio door, all for $120.00.

Prepping for Paint!
I spent the afternoon helping SCB put in our new door... and then painting my heart out in the kitchen. I'm proud to say I put down a tarp, taped everything up correctly, and did a really nice job. I still haven't put on the caulking yet, but while I was doing the project I realized I had already purchased paint so we got to return the new stuff and a brush we didn't use, so our real home improvement weekend only cost


So now I have a new screen door and my kitchen is finally done! SCB got 2 half ways of work and got paid $74 for them so only about $30 will be coming out of our slush fund since we ended up spending the rest of that $80 we had left over on other stuff that just happened.

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