Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend flew by!

We both played as giant chess pieces!
 I spent the last week working 8-5pm at another building, then pulled almost a 12 hour work day on Saturday... add in church, & a visit with a couple friends on Sunday and my entire weekend disappeared. I need to refuel my batteries, but I don't think i'll get the chance to until mid week...

But I'm hoping to take the last few days left this month and refocus and get caught up. I owe you all a big end of month spending post (and boy did we spend money this month... Stupid desire to sew again...)

But my work event was fun and SCB really enjoyed the symphony music so I was glad he got to enjoy that... and i'll love the overtime from that first paycheck next month... (Which will make me feel much better about the gobs of money we spent this month and the hit our slush fund is taking).
Sitting before the concert!


  1. I just noticed that you are in Orange County. I no longer live there but grew up in Anaheim. I miss going to the beach but not much else. Last time I visited, it was soooooo crowded and the traffic was horrible.

    Are you south of Anaheim?

    1. Yup! Thankfully the only time I head that way is to the occasional disneyland trip when my friend signs me into the park.