Saturday, April 21, 2012

Over the wall...

My husband standing on the neighbors
balcony removing my hanging planters...
Thankfully the neighbors doggie was
inside for the day or we would have
had other more pressing issues with SCB
being THAT close to their slider door....
I did it again...

I locked my keys in the house... and this time my husband didn't have his wallet with him (which has a spare car key in it for emergencies--- making his car a good place to also keep a spare house key since there isn't a safe place to put one outside)...

So since he wasn't carrying his wallet we were locked out of our second story condo and the only person who has a spare house key is my best friend who lives and works in an entirely different county... (You all should know by now why my family doesn't have a set of keys...)

So this left us with 3 options...

Try and break into my husbands car...

Call a locksmith and pay through the nose...

or scale the wall.

Now i'm not sure if you remember back to this post (This is the event where we decided to keep a spare house key in his car)... but on this occasion, my husband was able to borrow a small ladder from another neighbor to help hoist himself up the wall... but this time we weren't so lucky...

we didn't have a ladder. or help....

and my husband has not been working manual labor jobs so his physical fitness is not what it once way (His words.... not mine. I still love you hunny and I think your strong and manly!)

My husband decided to try the wall option after I verified that the door was indeed locked.

My husband balancing on my neighbors bamboo privacy fence.... That stuff
is REALLY strong by the way... holds all 230 lbs of my husband!!!!

First and other failed attempts... there just isn't
a good type of foothold.... especially when
you are wearing rainbow flip flops and not
SOOOOO CLOSE.... but no Cigar...

But low and behold a remarkable idea.... SCB takes off his belt and attaches
it to the balcony... and makes a foothold.... 

I was too excited that he made it over the wall to get a picture and there was no way he was going to "re-do" it for a photo opportunity. I think we are going to look for another place to keep a spare key... or keep some kind of a rope up there to help him get over the wall in the future.

I'm just glad my husband wore a belt that morning.


  1. Haha that's so funny! Love the pictures.

  2. I'm glad for SCB's sake that it was your fault this time. :)

  3. Could you call AAA to have a locksmith open the car, as if you had locked your car keys in it?

  4. Do you realize both of the 'locked out' posts were written almost exactly one year apart? You need to be extra careful around the 21st of April.

    Maybe both of you should have keys when you leave the house.

    I know my dad used to keep one of those magnetic key holder things stuck to the underside of the car (the wheel well) for those times when he forgot his key. He also had a thin one in his wallet. Perhaps you need one in the lining of your purse?