Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Crossing our fingers for a No-Spend week...

My budget and accounting is all fried up right now. Despite keeping track of purchases on the blog, my spreadsheet, and by checking account balances, my numbers just aren't matching up right now.

I have no idea if we are over or under. On paper we are over.... in the account we are under... so I have no idea what to believe at this point. I don't know if I accounted for a purchase twice or if something is pending and hasn't cleared.

As of right now, we haven't had to touch the slush fund this month. Mostly this is because I haven't had any time to contact a new dentist so we can use our tax refund to finish SCB's lower dental work now that the upper dental fiasco got resolved. But i'm due for a cleaning and SCB needs to get his lower cavities fixed and filled, so hopefully I can attack that in April. ---but we have been trying to keep our mits off the money because we have no idea how much work we will need to get done for his lower since we only got a print out of the upper from the dental company.

The other reason we've kept it in tact is because i've been able to bring a good chunk of overtime in on every paycheck this year. I actually have no idea what the exact amount my paycheck should be since I haven't gotten a normal one all year (and its been a lifesaver). So we have been able to cash flow a lot of our random bills and other expenses that aren't really in our budget (like the La Marathon, and some clothing replacement).

Relying on the overtime makes me realize how much we don't have budgeted in our current budget. I would love to have an extra $50-$100 a month that we could put aside for replacement purchases for things like clothes, house hold items (like shower curtains, kitchen brooms), etc... But I just don't have it in me to cut our budget any further. I don't want to deprive ourselves of the little date night money we have right now since it helps SCB get out of the house and its good for his moral and its helping with the long hours I've been working.... But its something to think about the nano second I get a raise (if that ever happens again... bad economy)... Thankfully we are on the same page with not adding any more expenses to our budget anytime soon.

So for the rest of the month we are trying to not spend a dime. 4 more days. I'm hoping by then i'll really be able to rectify our accounts and make sure we are in the green.

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