Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines day!

Happy Valentines day to everyone out there!

I hope you enjoy today and just remember to breathe, to drop the commercial hysteria that makes flowers $40 a pop, and  just take the time to spend time with your loved ones.

Valentines day does not need to be about breaking the bank on things that won't really matter in a week or so.

For starters, we'll be leaving the bears in the photos at Walmart because dropping $40 on a stuffed bear that we don't have the space for is just plain silly.... I mean, what do you do with a bear that large after V-Day when your condo is only 700 sq ft???)

But they were really cute and fluffy so we did a quick photo opp before we left them to their own devices... and I'm sure i'll look back on the photo in a few years and laugh at the memories we made during our first year of marriage. *Wink*

But for SCB and I, our valentines day will be less than commercialized, and i'm still excited about it.

This week when we went grocery shopping we picked up some root bear and cream soda, a thing of snicker doodle cookies, and we will be hitting Chipotle for our last B1G1 coupon...

Yup, Chipotle for Valentines day.

Now, before the world erupts and calls us a bunch of non-romantic newlyweds... we aren't. We like romance just as much as the next person, but the reality of the matter is that I've been so busy that we are keeping it really simple so I don't stress out.

I had planned to make his mom's famous "love pie" and to make my Japanese sister in law's authentic gyoza (pot stickers) and end the night with home made chocolate covered strawberries and apple cider toasting in our wedding flutes... when we realized how unrealistic that would be considering I have to work that day and the next at 5:00am... and how i'll be working 7 days straight this week and we have our in-laws staying here over the weekend as well since there's a lace convention out here in CA that they are selling at.

So instead, we will walk down and get our Chipotle to-go (so no dishes for dinner to ruin our mood), & we will still toast in our wedding flutes... we will just use the root bear and cream soda we picked up... and for dessert, the snicker doodle cookies SCB has been craving.

and I bet we'll hold hands like little kids at the table and still have a nice Valentines day. There's something to be said about keeping it simple, sweet and stress free.

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