Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changing my last name: some updates part 2

One of my goals for the year (See my 12 for 2012) is to finally get my new last name updated on all my accounts so I can combine, close, and simplify. My last recap on the subject showed I had finally made some progress, but I still had a lot of work to go. Since we are done with the first month of 2012, I thought it would be good to post a bit about my progress.

Social Security Administration
Sallie Mae
ING Direct
Southern California Edison
Cox Communications
Kohls Credit Card
Bofa Credit Card
Sharebuilder – Closed Account
David's Bridal Credit Card – Closed Account
Home Depot Credit Card – Closed Account
Bank of America
State Farm

Progress updates:

Nationwide: (old work 457 account) I just went ahead and had them change my last name since I have to wait until I tackle the name change on my accounts at ICMA-RC before I can initiate a roll over. So for the time being, THIS IS DONE!

Cal-Pers: I tried calling the Cal PERS number back in November to get my account unlocked so I could view my information and change my name... but their phone system had a 5 hours wait... No joke... 5 hours to talk to a person. So I emailed them about unlocking my CalPers account with their online help system. About a month later on December 6th, I emailed again with my request Que number since I hadn't received a reply unlocking my account. They sent me back a message saying I was still in line and they would process my inquiry as soon as possible... Another month passed and nothing happened so I emailed them again about my request on January 3rd and then I didn't hear back. I finally emailed again a few days ago and they called me and finally got my account unlocked! While I was on the phone with the rep, she verified that my name change was automatic and all my service credit is where it should be.

ICMA-RC: I finally got the rep to speak with me and mail me the correct forms so now I need to fill them out for 2 accounts… Why 2? In order to roll over my nationwide 457 deferred comp account, I needed to open a 457 account here during open enrollment, which happened before I got the name change papers… So, once I get my name changed here, I’ll take my Nationwide 457 account and dump it into my new 457 account that I can make contributions to… and then take my old 401a account that I can’t make contributions to and roll that into the new 457 account so I only have 1 account there. Ya, way confusing.
American Express / Costco Card:  I haven’t done anything yet… I know, bad girl….

County Clerk’s Office: I have yet to receive a date for my hearing about the increase in my property tax… so until I hear about that (which I filed with my maiden name, I’ll be sitting on my hands here.)

HSBC: Now that I got my new card in the mail and know they have reissued me one in the first place, I can contact them about the name change.

AAA card: No progress…

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