Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I earned in 2011

Since I finally got around to looking at my last pay stub and comparing it to what I've made over the past few years, I have wonderful news to report.

I made more money last year then I have since I started tracking my work income 4 years ago... I even cleared the year I got 27 paychecks instead of 26!

Drum Roll Please....

I made $45,002.46

I finally cleared the 45K hurdle!!! Woot Woot! Here's how it breaks down.
  • Regular Earnings: $37,398.42
  • Overtime: $2,831.88
  • Cafe Cash: $3,868.64
  • Additional Pay for working Holidays: $903.52
Sadly I don't believe i'll be able to do it again next year. Since my husband is now on my insurance account, I won't be getting any cafe cash added to my paychecks anymore... (I'll actually be paying out of pocket for some of it)...

If things stay the same way I think they will, I'll be lucky to clear $40k in 2012. But here's to hoping I make the best of what I do make, and that I can strive to do more!


  1. This is great!
    You are rightly proud!

  2. Great job on busting 45K! That's a huge accomplishment.