Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas with my family

A really awesome house we saw out in Utah... 
On Sunday after church my husband and I finally got my mom, my sister, and her fiance together to celebrate a belated Christmas.

and i'm proud to report we all left unscathed...

It wasn't a big to do since the real holiday was done and passed for some time, but it was one of the more functional holidays we have had with my family. We spent a few hours spending time over the football game snacking on appetizers and opening gifts. My sister was happy and surprised that she got things she didn't even ask us for that she wanted (vanilla candles, a tree ornament, and a homemade crochet headband in addition to her $70 perfume.) My mom was happy with her new heels, a calendar, her favorite chocolates, pen re-fills for the Pen SCB made her last year, and a small Cheshire cat figure since she loves that character. My sister's fiance walked away with an XBox controller and a tree ornament and he was a happy camper.

SCB got a few video games and a lot of stuff to make wood turning easier and more do-able in his make shift shop... and three cases of Mountain Dew (which he hugged for a photo opportunity that I sadly don't have a copy of). Christmas could have been worse though. I had to help my sister get SCB a present for Christmas at the last minuet... She called me 2 days before we were supposed to do Christmas to drop the bomb that she didn't buy him anything yet and was basically operating under a small budget because she forgot about him.

So after our date night SCB normally window shop and browse to let our food settle before we go home so I had him and I walk though Target and Walmart to see if he got excited about anything reasonable so I could tell her about it via text when I got back. It was a bust so I made him go into Game Stop and look around. Thankfully the gal let me know they had a used copy of a game he wanted so I secretly put it on hold while he was distracted and I called her later to know she could pick it up if she wanted for $25.00 ... So like I said, it could have gone worse, and if the situation was reversed and we hadn't gotten her fiance anything until the last minuet all hell would have broken loose... but thankfully it didn't and I was able to figure something out.
I ended up with some clothes and to be frank, Cash. My Aunt gave me $75 dollars hidden in a box of chocolates and my sister was paid me back for a pair of jeans and two sweaters I bought for myself on Black Friday that she couldn't wrap since I needed to wear them in Utah. I had to exchange some stuff from Bath & Body works and got some more cash with it, then went shopping there with a gift card I got back from my bridal shower. I also traded some of my loot for a new CD I've been dying for and some glue for SCB to finish my wood shelves :)

The rest i'll save till there's something treat worthy that I want (which is nice since we really only have date money in our budget at present and i'm getting low on some make-up and other girly treats.)

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