Friday, January 20, 2012

We qualified for unemployment!

South County Boy and I got a bit of good news today. It looks like he qualified for 19 weeks of unemployment. His benefits won't be much, but I feel better knowing more money is coming in for the next 19 weeks at least.

While SCB was making $1600 a month at his work, he didn't work all of the month of December, and since they take your income based on pre-selected 3 month periods...  they took his wages that he earned over October, November, and December ($3,853.50) and somehow calculated his highest earning quarter ($2,775.50) and somehow that means we get $107 a week in Unemployment Insurance.

As we mentioned before when we were deciding if we should apply or not, we won't be increasing our life style at all with the additional $400 a month. It will go straight to our emergency fund so we have the money in case something does happen and we need to call on that safety net.

South County Boy has been getting up at 3:45am each morning to go sign in at Labor Ready... but nothing has come of it so far... But we may have a lead on a part time gig with our neighbor from the next complex over. Her dad does contract work and wants to have us over for dinner to meet SCB and see what his skill level is to see if he can help us out!

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  1. At least you are getting something for unemployment. Good for you!