Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

We had family in town and they just drove away a few minutes ago so this post is a little late (and our weekend family visit recap will come later)

Since Halloween fell on a Monday this year, I got to dress up for work (I repeated an old costume from a few years ago--a Greek Goddess) and a lot of other people did too! Some departments even did theme costumes so we had the whole cast of Harry Potter and even Snow White and the seven dwarfs since one department consisted of 7 guys and one girl! (clever clever). After work I came home and did a little costume change-er-roo since Chipotle was doing their $2 burrito promotion night (if you dressed up as a farmer, farm animal, or farm implement you got a burrito for $2 and the proceeds went to charity.) We went as country farmers and I finally had an excuse to bust out my cowboy boots. Sadly though, despite buying a whole bag of candy for Halloween, we didn't get a single trick or treat'r... even when we left for Chipotle we left a bowl of candy on our doorstep and returned to find it still full... I guess people don't really trick or treat the condo area when there are houses nearby... either that or they only bother with the first floor units because stairs for Candy must be too much effort. 

We had some guests over this week from my husband's church again... but this time it wasn't just to get to know them and have dinner. Before we got married I agreed to go through the "discussions" when we had time with some missionaries because I wanted to at least understand what my husband believes even if its not something that I believe myself. Since my hubby isn't really active in his faith at present, by my getting more knowledge and information about his faith we will be able to focus and find places of commonality that we can incorporate to our marriage. The 2 female missionaries unexpectedly stopped by with a guy from our neighborhood last weekend and asked us if we'd be interested in doing the discussions and we told them that now was actually a good time so we started this week. They brought a younger couple with them that lives nearby so it was nice to get to meet a new person or two (especially since we are going to church this week because SCB's family will be in town visiting). I'm not too sure what to really expect, since Wednesday was the first "discussion" but we shall see. (and i'll keep you all updated on how we are making our marriage work with our different faith backgrounds). 

My husband also learned this week that a childhood friend of his was lost and killed overseas by an IED... He was really torn up about it since his fondest memories are running around as a kid in Oklahoma with his friend. I'm trying to think of something we can do in memory of his friend to help him and to show his support for the military... Any ideas?

Weekly Spending:

October 29:
  • Fresh & Easy: $55.82
  • Gas: $40.52
  • Costco: $14.68
  • Quick dinner @ Costco: $7.16
October 30:
  • Walmart: $39.08 (Crochet supplies and blank DVD's)- Its fall and my hobbies tend to change with the seasons around here so i'm in crafting mode. Since our friend is expecting a little girl around February, I sent her a picture of a baby Mobil and asked if she would like it for her daughter and she came back with a resounding YES so I picked up the supplies for that out of last months budget. But I should have plenty of yarn leftover from the project to keep me occupied for the season. :) We also picked up some burn-able DVD's for a project for my hubby. 
October 31:
  • Chipotle: $4.00  ---Boo-rito fantasic!
November 1:
November 2:
  • $10.70- Dog tags made to remember my husbands dear childhood friend. 
November 3:
November 4:
  • Mortgage Paid: $808.18 (P&I, Property Tax, & MIP)
Money Goals:
Roth IRA: $601.90/ $5,000.00 -12% There!
Dental Loan: $2,686.00/$2,686.00 -100% There!-- Still waiting on the insurance company to investigate any credits we are owed. 


  1. Theme costumes at your work must've been fun! Jealous.

  2. Wow - nice job paying off the dental loan quickly. We didn't do anything fun at my job for Halloween, but I did decorate a pumpkin (painted) that I kept on my desk.

    So sorry to hear about SCB's friend. :-(

  3. I wasn't going to say anything, but since you've misspelled minute in at least 3 recent posts, I have to point it out.

  4. Anonymous- Thnx. I'm horrible with things like that... (doesn't help that i'm dyslexic either.)