Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending & Money Goals)

Weekly Update:
Our week has been nicely average... Not too many highs, not to many lows... but what I'm loving is the fact that I have 2 days off this weekend... It's amazing! I spent Saturday morning cleaning my house and I actually got most of it done before lunch time! :) and Sunday I finally filled out my Marathon entry form and charted out my progress for the race and when I need to do my walks. My Friend and I carved out a good 6.5 miles too. It was good for me and I felt invigorated afterward as I polished off a homemade BLT (made on homemade bread with Harvatti cheese and turkey bacon). mmmmm

My husband and I did our date night mid week this week since we received a promo email from Chili's for Free Dessert and we had a Halloween party on Friday night and we hosted "church" at our house on Saturday so it was mid week date or nada. So since we have been trying to do more budget friendly date nights since we are working on the dental bills, we decided to go to Chili's and take advantage of free dessert. We kept our drinks to water and we each chose an item from the $2 for $20 section since you got an appetizer included and we liked the choice options that night. Then add the fact that we had our free dessert coupon and bam... a three course yummy dinner with no clean up and leftovers for me the next day all only $26.00 with tax and tip!

We also went ahead and cut the first mini payment to the dental loan for $200.00 since we received the first statement in the mail and it had the $312 deduction correctly stated... We didn't toss more onto it in case there are more credits coming our way and we didn't want to worry about getting a positive balance on the account and then having to wait 60 days and then fight the folks at wells fargo for a check down the line.

Weekly Spending:
We did our grocery shopping for this upcoming week on Saturday so it will go in next weeks update.

October 23rd:
  • Fresh & Easy: $32.87
October 24th:
October 25th:
October 26th:
  • Chilis- Date night: $26.00
  • Band-aids & Gum: $4.10
October 27th:
  • HOA Bill: $262.50
  • Mini Dental payment: $200.00
  • Cox: $41.57
October 28th:
  • Gasoline: $35.78
  • McDonalds: $12.01 (quick bite before our friends party)

Work Updates:
I'm really enjoying some of the event work I've been doing at work lately. While I might be working weird hours at times, I feel its something I can really just go gun-ho about and I like that my work has a great focus to it.

Apparently out of the blue they announced that 6 guys would be laid off in the Cabinetry division at SCB's work. Apparently the company is moving buildings and they decided it would cost too much money to move all the cabinetry work and re-set up the shop that they are just going to eliminate that department all together... Only one of those 6 guys asked if any positions were opened in other departments that he could transfer to. The boss told him he could create another one in the same area my husband is in (framing for deliveries) and the guy thanked him and that day started working side by side with my husband to learn the ropes. Apparently the guy spent 2 years laid off and looking for a job before he found his old one and he wasn't going to put his family through that again... even if it meant asking for a demotion to manual labor to stay employed. I know it sounds bad, but I'm just glad they didn't offer to keep the cabinetry guys on if they wished to do other jobs and then laid off the newer workers... (that move would have left SCB without a job).
Money Goals:
Dental loan: 100% Saved. With SCB's last paycheck (despite missing a day of work) we came in with enough to cover our dental loan. We will sit on the money and make small payments to the loan until the dental issues get resolved for the time being.

Roth IRA: $301/$5,000.00 6% there :) Hopefully we can see some real progress by the end of the year :)

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  1. I'm glad also that they didn't offer to keep the cabinetry guys and then lay off newer workers.