Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I tend to keep my decorations for minor holidays by my front door and in the entryway... but Christmas is another story and I can't wait till Thanksgiving to put everything up even though we won't really be in town for Christmas. SCB won't know what hit him.

If your wondering where all the "halloween" went, It was a marriage compromise on my part. SCB has grown up for so long with more of a harvest theme than halloween and he thinks halloween decorations are kind of cheesy unless you can invest 5k into a horror house... (He's not a bah humbug. He told me he would dress up, pass out candy, and even go to a party with me if I was so inclined...) 

So he told me I could buy new decorations if it meant that the halloween ones would find a new home... (which they did at work... I decked out the gym front counter). and as an FYI, these were bought before the dental incidents occurred or it wouldn't have happened at all. 


  1. I've found myself wondering if you two discussed your religious differences much and if so what kind of compromises you've come to. Is this something you're open to blogging about? For obvious reasons the topic of children interests me greatly but certainly there are a lot of areas for discussion. I know you've mentioned he isn't really a "practicing" mormon as of late but obviously both your and his upbringings will have a significant influence on the future family you build together. I married someone with similar beliefs but a very different upbringing and even after many years adapting is quite an adventure. I would love to hear more about this!

  2. There will be more posts coming along about how we are planning for the future and how we are making compromises on both ends to support one another.