Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekly Updates (Spending, Job/Work updates, & Money Goals)

Weekly Spending:
I'm a bit late with getting this post up... we had a huge blow up in the South County Household... So our weekly update is short and sweet and i'll come at you again with more details.

With our new budget in place we are doing fairly well so far with reining in the spending... but I think that was probably do to the fact the SCB had fun money that he could spend on work lunches. Next week you'll see more junk items in there  since we are trying to make a real effort for the hubby to bring lunch with him everyday.

While we wait on the dental issues, we are just sitting back and preparing to pay the bill for now... we can fight them with the insurance company... We will wait till mid next week to see if we want to postpone them putting in the material for now.

October 1:
October 2:
  • Fresh and Easy- $41.25
  • Gasoline for SCB: $52.58
October 3:
October 4:
October 5:
October 6:
  • Prescriptions: $4.00
October 7:
  • Electric Bill: 31.52
  • The Hat: $5.17
October 8:
  • Mortgage Payment: $808.18
Job/Work Updates:
I'm getting busy busy with some events coming up... and SCB is just working along as much as he can at work. He may not like the people or the physical nature of his job, but he's a trooper and I love him for it.

Money Goals:
At the end of this week, we have $1,446.23 saved up for the dental work... but we need $2,868.00 total... so we are still getting things together. (and praying for an adjustment on the insurances end.)

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