Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bare Bones October Budget

Well, after the horrible dentist shocker, my husband and I will be cutting our budget down to the bare bones for October so can seriously put money towards paying off the $3,600 loan we took out from Wells Fargo to cover all the dental fees my husband had to undergo. (Note to readers, don't avoid the dentist for 5 years.)

Our hope is to pay off the loan by the end of November... AND be able to put at least some money into my Roth IRA for 2011... or at least stock money away for the other 5 fillings and new glasses for the husband... so we shall see how it goes... but its not looking very shinny for the Roth IRA at this point.

We did save up some money for his dental work... and if we take the $900 I had earmarked for the Roth IRA and we mix it with the dental money we did have saved up, we are starting with a balance of $1,446.23 so we have some serious cuts to make in the budget.

SCG Paycheck 1: $1,371.00

  • Mortgage $808.18
  • HOA Bill: $262.32
  • Dental loan: $300.32
SCB Paycheck 1: $647.00

  • Date night/disposable income: $60.00
  • Birthday Dinner for my mom: $100.00
  • Gasoline: $60.00
  • Dental loan: $427.00
SCG Paycheck 2: $1,371.00

  • Christmas fund: $50.00
  • Gasoline: $235.00
  • Groceries: $250.00
  • Insurance Premiums: $143.00
  • Utility Bills: $230.00
  • Dental Loan: $230
  • -----Ovetime is going to DMV fees to change my licence and car title.... rest to Dental Loan
SCB Paycheck 2: $647.00

  • Date night/disposable income: $60.00
  • Gasoline: $60.00
  • Dental loan: $537.00
So if all goes to plan this month, **crosses fingers, kisses elbow**  we should be able to save $1,727.32 this month... and if we pair that with the $1,446.23 we have saved up, we should have $3,173.55 saved... so hopefully by Novembers end we should be in the clear...

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  1. Great job coming up with the budget. I know it can be hard, and paying off debt is NOT fun, but you guys are making do!