Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Adventures at the DMV

I must say I had my most pleasant experience with the DMV yesterday. I finally played it smart. I made 2 appointments online for a Tuesday a couple of weeks ago... I needed to get my last name changed on my licence and change the title on my car.

Thankfully i'm an organized girl so I just opened our small safe and got all the documents out that I needed. I woke up early and despite having a 9am appointment, I got there about 10 minuets before the building opened at 8am. I got there early because you apparently can't print out licence forms and applications online.The only downside was that it was drizzling and I had to stand out in the rain. But not for long. Thankfully an employee came out earlier and asked that everyone with an appointment come to the front so we got to sit under a small awning for a bit and start filling out the forms we needed.

I was in and out back at my car by 8:30.

Maybe it was the rain, or having an appointment, but I went up to the counter, got my new tempory licence, took my new picture, and changed my title... all in a matter of minuets.

It cost $15 for the title, $25 for the licence. I just hope my picture was good.


  1. I remember when I went to change my name on my license, I didn't realize I would need to take a new photo (I looked the same...) and had just taken a shower. My hair is wet and looks horrible in the photo. Hope yours comes out better.

  2. All that in minutes!