Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Puppy Sitting Praises & Pitfalls

In an effort to not be so negative 2 posts in a row (and let that attitude follow me around all week), I thought i'd write about what I like about puppy sitting before I rant about a few things that been driving me bonkers since our arrival.

But I do promise to list more good things then bad... even though i really want to just vent about the bad things...

and I'll even put the "Pitfalls" section at the end so if you don't really want to read it you won't have to.


  • $225 to add to our Cruise fund to cover parking fees and any gasoline taxes they levy at us while we are out to sea.
  • We can turn on and use their private Jacuzzi when we want to relax after a long day... or  
  • We can soak in the tub upstairs and relax TOGETHER because its so large its like an indoor Jacuzzi with personal jets.... and a flat screen TV to watch while you get comfortably prune like.
  • SCB likes having cable because he can catch Anime shows on random satellite channels he's never heard of.
  • I get the computer all to myself because its a MAC and SCB won't go near it.
  • We catch up on our favorite shows and actually watch them together because SCB isn't glued to his video games because he can't bring them here.
  • It is closer to my work so my commute is more scenic and shorter 3 of the 5 days this week.
  • We have air conditioning if we want to use it.
  • We get to play with the puppies and sort of "rent" a pet for a week.
  • There are ants... every freaking where. Inside the house, outside the house, and walking around in all kinds of places in the kitchen that they shouldn't be. I hate bugs and it just grosses me out to have one crawl over my hand while i'm typing at the computer.... (But what irritates me is that they KNEW they have/had ants because we have see evidence of spraying in certain places, but they failed to mention it to us which I find rather un helpful). Had I known I would have brought more tupperware to keep things safe. I just wish we could find their bug spray.
  • The down stairs bathroom (in our guest room) is still broken so we have to use the one in the Master and I always feel like i'm snooping being up there since it isn't my house... The bathroom we are supposed to use has been broken for about 6 months now.... 
  • There are also a lot of things that are just plain broken in their kitchen and it makes cooking a hassle. All of the doors have those baby magnetic locks or the ones you have to pinch to open... and with broken doors it makes it hard to get to the ones the vitals are in... Oh and you have to open the microwave with a butter knife half the time because it sticks.... and on top of that the trash can container won't close all the way and i believe I mentioned their ant problem... I'll leave the rest to your imagination... (i'm tossing things outside in the big trash can).
  • On a funnier note, my Husband keeps forgetting things at home and keeps having to drive home to retrieve things... this morning he woke up and realized that he forgot to pack pants...  and today after stopping at home from work to grab a few things, he had to turn back mid route because he forgot to grab MY pants for tomorrow.  FYI-- the hubby stops at home to water our plants  and check his internet sites since he passes our home on the way to the mansion house from work anyways... but I love him and he makes my world amazing so I can over look his forgetful tendencies. 
  • And since we hate cooking here, it really bites that there are practically no quick take out joints, fast food, restaurants, or decent grocery stores ANYWHERE close... so if you forget something VITAL at home for the dinner your attempting to cook in the misfit kitchen, your spending 35 mins to run out and get something instead of 10.
What do you like or dislike the most about staying at someones home???


  1. Wait a second -- you're getting $225 to play with a puppy and soak in a Jacuzzi?? I don't see any downside -- even if you do have ants in your pants (er, once you get pants).

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