Friday, July 1, 2011

Co-workers and another shower!

I know its a bit crazy, but i've been working in the same department at work for over 9 years now...NINE... and I get that I might be just a little bit biased... but I think I have some of the best co-workers ever.

Were all personalities for sure, (and I cringe to think back on how I acted when I was 16 years old...I was so hyper and short... and attention starved....) but its been a really good ride all around... they have literally all watched me grow up right before there eyes over the years... (thankfully i've mellowed out some)

and now I'm 25 and getting married. Its amazing how time flies... how fast we all grow up... and how little some things change (this time for the better)...

I was really conflicted when we were doing the invites for the wedding because I wanted to be able to invite some co-workers (since they have know me so long!) but with such a huge amount of co-workers... I just couldn't invite some and not others... and with all the family we thought were coming to the wedding there was no way we could swing it. Thankfully they all understood and have been asking for updates as the date has gotten closer.

When we lost the wedding location, the director offered us an outside location we could use for the wedding/reception if we needed it (they don't normally do weddings or rent that place out)... and a bunch of people gave me ideas and sometimes just listened as I vented...

One of my co-workers even shared all her wedding horror stories with me so I'd feel a little better when everything was unraveling... (I haven't had to deal with a SWAT Team yet, thank God!) Even the gym "regulars" kept me all giddy and excited for the big day asking for updates and wanting to see a picture of the dress ahead of time after I just got it...

I have to say I think I work in the best department ever... after all, were Recreation... we excel in fun because we know how to "play."

All of that to lead up to this... on Wednesday these fantastic comrades in arms threw me a bridal shower party :) and once again, we were blown away... We'll be going on a mini shopping spree to BB&B after the wedding. When SCB got home from work he was stoked to see the drinking glasses we registered for and it took him a minuet to remembered that I had a shower at work. I showed him the presents and he thought everything was really nice... and then I told him about the $250 in gift cards to BB&B and he almost passed out :) 

What touched me the most was everyone who came. I knew some people couldn't stay for the shower, but since I work all over the place right now I thought it was really sweet that people from the other centers and city hall showed up to just to wish me well as a new bride to be.


Its funny how the little things that people do mean so much at the end of the day.


  1. That's awesome! It feels great to be loved on.

  2. Oh good! I was a "Woman-in-red" (now debt free except for the mortgage) and have been reading your posts since 2006. I've thoroughly enjoyed your journey! So I hope it's not too creepy that yesterday I tracked down your address and ordered you a wedding gift from Barnes and Noble. I'm a 27-year-old, married, mother-of-two from Washington state, and even though I don't really know you... I feel like I know you. So congratulations from our family to yours and know that we love you and pray for you.

  3. Am I that easy to track down??????

  4. Well... I guess so if you know your real name. I did from past interviews with Mia and your former not-so-pseudo pseudonym... So I just whitepaged it.

  5. LOL... I totally forgot about the Mia articles... and that was part of the reason for changing the blog around a bit. *Wink*

    And thank you for the package... (which I got today) The cook book should help liven up the kitchen and i'll enjoy reading up on the "marriage" book. :)

  6. You're welcome! The cookbook has everything you could ever think of and it's all tasty... although I've never tried to frog legs recipe. ;)

    I threw in the other book to get free shipping. It's a little abrasive but I think it has some good points. I did some experiments while reading it a couple years ago and found them to be productive. You are so supportive of SCB through all of the ups and downs though so I am sure that the two of you will shine! Congrats again!