Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shopping and lunch with my mom

My mom took me out for lunch and a little shopping spree for my bridal shower because she didn't want to just pick up dishes or house items from our wedding registry.

We had fun!

I ended up getting 2 shirts and 4 dresses, including one I can wear to the rehearsal dinner. I was literally blown away by her generosity (She tried to buy me more at one point and I told her that we were fine with what we had already purchased!)

Besides the happy shopping... We went out to lunch to chat and catch up on life... I had to re-explain how and why we are paying for the rehearsal dinner... and of course I had to go over the whole "why i'm marrying SCB again... and not my old boyfriend" speech.... Its safe to say, somethings never change... And then she dropped a bomb on me in the car on the way home.

She apparently ran a background check on my fiance... and had her boyfriend run a separate one too. That I just don't know what to do with... It seems like every day I'm with her I have to convince her why i'm happy... and then she believes me and we celebrate it up... and then the next time I see her I start from square one again...

Maybe things will get better after the wedding?


  1. Wow, your mom sounds like she's meddling!! Were you angry with her when she told you she ran a background check on your fiance?

    I guess she just cares, but it sounds like she's overstepping her boundaries a bit.

  2. Haha! While it's a little shocking that she went as far as to run a background check, it shows that she's only concerned and wants the best for you. If she can spend 30 minutes doing something that could save you from turmoil down the road, she'll do it.

    I used to write for a newspaper, and we regularly ran background checks on people (it costs $6 for a state background check from the Colorado Bureau of Investigations). We wanted to see their record before we ran a magazine profile heralding some local guy as a "man of the month" or "hometown hero" or something. And occasionally, we discovered some serious dirt on the people we were checking!

  3. I'm sure that once you've been married for awhile and SCB has been employed for awhile and your mom sees that he's not a deadbeat sponging off of her daughter, she will warm up.

    Though the background checks seem a bit extreme. Yikes!

  4. Gracious, I can see that must have been devastating and especially so after spending a lovely day together. Apart from the problem when he was only 18 did it all come out clear and without surprises? If so that , hopefully, is the end of this kind of action on your mother's part.

  5. I was floored when I found out... (and they found nothing when they ran the check... not even his little oopsy because they didn't have his SSN)

    For me it felt like it definably crossed a line because she pointed out that she wouldn't have run a back ground check on my old boyfriend...