Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I spent last night at my HOA Board meeting...

So SCB didn't end up with work yesterday (sad day) and when he came home from waiting around at Labor Ready he went to get the mail for me after he parked his car. While he was out there he checked the board notices, saw nothing new, and headed inside to tackle his honey do list.

About 30 mins later he went to on the sink to tackle the dishes... and nothing came out of the sink... Apparently someone shut off the water in the building AGAIN... with no notice and no consideration for other homeowners.

The plumbers are supposed to notify the HOA when they have have a job on the property... The Homeowner/Renter is also supposed to notify the HOA as well... and then the homeowner is supposed to post signs giving everyone 3 days notice of when the water will be turned off and what buildings are going to be effective.

and none of that was followed at all, again.

So we spent our evening at the HOA board meeting to air our grievances... and hopefully something would be done.

  • I suggested that if people don't notify the board and post the correct water shut off notices in the appropriate time frame that they should be issued a fine because now its become a HUGE problem and people don't respond until you hit them in the pocket book. 
They seemed to like the idea... but they have horrible follow through when it comes to collecting fees... and the water issues can't be completely solved because we don't have the funds to pay for the work and we can't re-pipe everything.

but that may be changing...

Apparently we are finally getting a new parking company since this one never comes to check on things, never tickets, and never tows...

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