Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shopping in my sister's closet

My sister decided to go through her closet and weed out some clothes and I got to be the recipient of her fantastic cast offs. She dropped off a big bag full of clothes from The Limited (where she works part time) and a bunch of other high end shopping places for me to go through... and while the next thing i'm going to say this is good for me, its kind of sad for her...

...Some things still even had their tags on them!

So I went through the bag and had my own personal fashion show...& I even went through some of the clothes in my closet and removed a few outfits I wasn't really wearing.

After about an hour and a half of trying things on, I'm now the proud owner of a few tops from The Limited and I even got a cute shirt from Black House|White Market!

It looks something similar to this little number.. but instead its got black flowers and a black sash around the waist that ties in the back.

I haven't gone clothes shopping in quite some time, so these are welcome additions to my wardrobe!

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