Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Wedding Ring

With today being my birthday, we decided to pick out and get my wedding band today. We needed to go to Zales to get my engagement ring checked out and cleaned for the warranty, so we headed over there and looked around... and found something that almost matched my engagement ring exactly within a minuet!!!!

This is a miracle in and of itself because before when we went looking around Christmas they didn't have anything that matched or came close and we worried we'd have to pay at least $500 for something custom... or worst case scenario, a plain band for my wedding finger and i'd have to wear my engagement finger on my right hand.  

So, to continue the happy story, we found a beautiful ring that was marked $399.00... and once we saw it with my engagement ring on my finger, we knew we wanted to buy it. We were the only ones in the store at the time, so I decided to ask the guy if there was anything he could do for us price wise since we bought my engagement ring from Zales as well... 

He asked his manager since he was new and came back and said he could give us 25% off the ring, then an additional 10% off that because it was mothers day (I'm assuming a slow sales day because people have already made their jewelry purchases for the holiday...) 

So we got the ring for $269.32, bought the protection policy for $59.99 and paid $28.82 in taxes. We got the ring resized for free since it was way to big for my finger. The total came to $358.12.
and here she is with my engagement ring.
(It will fit closer together when we have the ring re-sized)
The moral of the story, It never hurts to ask for a discount! We put it on our 2% off CC too, so even more savings there.

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