Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Update...

With 74 days left until I get to say "I Do," I was very glad to get a package in the mail from my future mother in law.

South County Boy's mom did me a wonderful favor... Besides embroidering each girl's name onto the tote bags in the wedding colors... she also made handmade lace bookmarks for all the girls in the bridal party (my friends are pretty big readers, so this was a nice way to personalize the bags with something special they will get to use after the wedding besides taking the bags to the beach.)

When I went out to Utah to move my fiance "home" we left the bags with my fiance's mom and she was going to try and get them embroidered... and then she offered to also make the bookmarks in the same blue as the wedding... I didn't think i'd get to see them until they came out here for the wedding, but here's what the final product looks like:

So far, inside each of the bags I'm going to put the necklace and earrings set I got everyone to wear the day of the wedding. (Any other ideas if we have extra money in the budget?)


  1. A pair of cheap flip flops is also a fun wedding gift add-in. It's a great way to encourage the bridesmaids to ditch the heels after the ceremony.

  2. flip flops for dancing, nail polish, bath stuff for after the wedding, a cardigan or warp, giftcard (coffee or food)...

  3. Chocolates! Also, since they are big readers, why not a book that you have read that you know that they would enjoy? (even $1 used ones).

    Flip flops are a neat idea - you can buy the cheap $1 ones and spruce them up with fake flowers and ribbons in your wedding colors for pennies.