Friday, April 15, 2011

Credit Cards Update

So I went for a little walk the other day to BOFA to cash and deposit my CC rebate check and the bonus money we got refunded from the car insurance. (We used part of this money for the Target Run we did the day before.) Well, while I was there I asked for some penny rolls at the counter so I could go ahead and continue emptying the jar and adding to our honeymoon fund.

Before the lady got the penny rolls she started telling me about how they had a mortgage specialist there incase I had any questions about my mortgage... Why is it that everytime i go in there and get a new teller, people are shocked that I have a mortgage????? and the expect me to never understand it

Any who, she also asked if I had a BOFA credit card... (If you saw my last post, I inquired about getting a replacement card for my existing BOFA account, and when i did inquire, the account seemed to disappear online, like it had been cancelled instead...) So she "immediately" made me sit down with their Credit Card guy while he called and made them either re-active the account or just insure i'm getting a replacement card (still not sure what happened there)... and then he also informed me that i'm pre-approved for a credit card with a flat 1% cash back offer... etc etc... I've declined this same credit card at least 4 times in the past because I still don't use my Bofa Card that I do have, and if I opened a new one, it better have better perks than what i'm recieving currently with my other cards... I told the guy i was getting married soon and didn't want to open another account to then deal with having my name changed on it, etc, etc.

So, I asked again for my penny rolls, and then walked back home with them in my pocket. Guess i'm getting a new credit card after all... or I have at least a name and a face to blame if I don't.

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