Saturday, April 30, 2011

Birthday Festivities

With the failed attempt at "p-diddy cruising" behind us, we decided to take some of your advice and have a nice evening out, especially since my fiance's birthday was the 29th.

We went to the rainbow outlet store and got him new sandles with the house sitting money we had gotten earlier this month (Cost $40.00). We also went to home depot and South County Boy picked up a hand saw he wanted since mine is "inadequate" (I'm not sure what it cost because he paid cash for it while I was buying a plant from the garden area since I told him to keep the remaining house sitting money as pocket money.) My plant was $7.38 with a container and a drain pan.

If you remember back to when South County Boy first came out to California over Christmas, we went to Chilli's with a few of my friends so he could meet everyone... and he loved the place... so much so, that he wanted to repeat the experience on Christmas eve when i didn't feel like cooking dinner (even though only a day had passed between visits). The staff got a huge kick out of it and him since I think we had the same server on our second visit and i knew the hostess, an old friends younger sister).

So, we decided we would hit up Chilli's for his birthday since we knew he liked the food there and its pretty reasonable price wise. When we got to the resturant and flipped through the menu my fiance noticed they were doing their $2 for $20 special... an Appetizer and 2 entrees for $20.00. He was going to order something that was on the list anyway, and I wanted to try the fried shrimp since I haven't had a lot of seafood lately, so we went for the deal.

So we split a half order of loaded cheese fries, he got his pasta, and i ordered fried shrimp and swapped my "fries" for a salad (for an extra $1.00 charge since I knew i'd get fries with the appetizer already and that's enough fried food to sink a battleship--- uh, the wedding diet starts on May 1st....)... and since I never order soda because I don't like it, and they don't have mountain dew there (his weakness) we both had water.

It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy a meal out... We actually had really great service and to top it all off, they sang and embarrassed him because it was his birthday so we had a fabulous moulton Lava cake dessert for free! It cost us $22.84 before tip, So i left $29.00 (I tipped off the total including the cake, and as an ex server myself, I generally leave 20% unless it was horrible.) So for under $30 ---cheaper than one of those discount p-diddy tickets, we had a nice date out that was more our style and comfort zone.


Tonight we have my sister's engagement party to attend... loud people, bad music, and lots of liquor await... :/ I'm not really looking forward to it because the only people south county boy and I will know are each other and my family...  (Thank God we have each other!)

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