Friday, January 8, 2010

2008 versus 2009 Income

Regular Earnings $33,618.58
Overtime $3,159.82
Café Cash $4,972.56
Holiday worked $1,204.34

Grand Total:$42,955.30

Regular Earnings $37,561.27
Overtime $1,109.12
Café Cash $4,589.52
Holiday worked $904.02

Grand Total: $44,163.93

Difference of: $1,208.63 which was basically that "extra" check that fell on a holiday so it was paid out in 2009 instead of 2010. So my income really didn't increase from year to year...

But when you look at the categories of how I got my income, my regular earnings increased by $4,000.00... Which is huge because that's money I'll get again next year for sure, and isn't relied upon by overtime.

For 2009 my overtime worked when wayyyyy down because they banded it because of the budget and the economy... so i saw fewer opportunities to work more then in 2008 (where they were begging me to work and as a broke post college kid I went gun-ho!).

I'd say 2009 went well with the recession considering. This year I'd like to be able to make $47,000.00 at my job by itself (not including things like dividends and interest on 1099 accounts.)

Here's to hoping. =)


  1. Bookmarked this. Show one's gratitude you after sharing. Positively value my time.

  2. At my work we have a cafeteria style of benefits. You pick what you want to participate in, and your given a fixed sum amount.

    Because I was hired earlier (this isn't the case for new employees) I'm able to take any remaining benefit Money left after I pick what I want... and have it added into my paycheck. I must choose a health insurance plan always (once you choose it you always have to take it... and I didn't have any other options at the time so I took it.)

    So I pay for my single person health insurance and a dental plan... and take the cash.

    When i get married one day the cafe cash will drop drastically as i'll need to have 2 people insured... plus every year it drops a bit due to the higher costs of health insurance.

  3. oh... and new employees don't get the same amount of money I do in Benefits... they cut that too when they were re-vamping the system to save money.