Saturday, December 5, 2009

Retirement Perspectives

GUESS WHAT? It's POSITIVE... for the first time since I can remember, my investing is in the GREEN!

My Goal is the leave the workforce on my 55th birthday, 11,476 Days from now...

401 Account: Approximately 2.80 % of my portfolio
• $670.78 (Employer Paid 1% of Salary); $716.82 Worth
o Up 6.86% from inception, +$46.04
o Stable Value Money Market Accounts make up 29.60%
o Milestone 2040 makes up 70.40%

457 Account: Approximately 4.03% of my portfolio
• Was employer funded but future contributions discontinued (minimal interest earned)
o Positive $1,032.70

ING DIRECT Roth IRA: Approximately 10.02% of my portfolio
• $2,500.00 Invested; Worth $2,566.28
o Up 2.65% from inception. Positive $66.28
o CD’s ranging from 1.65% to 4.5% (savings 1.30%).
o Current Average CD rate 2.866%

ShareBuilder Roth IRA Approximately 44.54% of my portfolio
• $11,500 Invested; Worth $11,409.76
o Down 0.78% since inception… Loss of -$90.24
o Strategic Allocation Moderate 99.10%
o Money Market Cash .90%
o I have 1,341.523 Shares
o For my account to break even, shares would have to be: $8.50
o Currently shares are worth:$8.43

Excluding my Pension, my variable retirement accounts are worth $15,725.56. Of that I’ve only invested $14,000 of my money (the rest has been my employer). So technically I’ve made 12.35% If I compare all the “free money” and my contributions (Totals 15,703.48), my portfolio is UP 0.14 % since inception. HOLY WOW… ITS FINALLY IN THE POSITIVE

Pension: Approximately 38.61% of my portfolio
If I quit tomorrow, I’d just have the cash in the account.

Account Cash Value as of 07.01.2008 $9,890.40

• I’m ALSO buying additional time in my retirement accounts from when I was 16-18 years of age (service prior to membership). It’s less then a year’s worth of service credit, but I’ll be paying $33.06 for 40 more installments.

My entire portfolio (if I cashed my pension out today) is worth $25,615.96

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