Saturday, December 5, 2009

Blinds | kitchen cabinets

I think I'm going to take a PASS on the plantation slider doors that I really want in my condo.

I'm having a really hard time getting in contact with a company to even get a quote about them, and since i'm dissatisfied with The TILE COMPANY and the tile fiasco, I don't want to give them my money and have them do it. I believe you earn a customer and they did not earn my business so I don't want to give them anymore business or money.

Which means, I now need to figure out some kind of way to cover my sliding glass doors without using those horrible blind things. Looks like i'll be googling that today. Maybe I'll be able to get it done this weekend. That would be nice.

My kitchen cabinets are being delivered on Tuesday (so I had to take another day off of work for my remodel). I'll talk to my contactor tonight and get the number for one of his buddies that is bonded so I can get him to install my A/C unit that I bought. I'll be turning in the HOA forms this week for it to be approved.

This Sunday I think we are going to attempt to move some of my bedroom furniture over ... and on Monday I plan on throwing things away/taking things to goodwill/ or setting them aside for a possible church rummage sale.

I have less then 30 days... its time to get a move on it. (I also need to buy the microwave and garbage disposal for my kitchen still... and take back the fawcets I bought for the kitchen-- wrong one)


  1. Lafayette Venetian Blinds. Find them on-line. They make custom wooden shutters. I took classes from them in 1999 to learn how to install their shutters. Wooden shutters are very expensive but if you plan to live in your place a long time, and that is what you want, then its worth the investment. They may have an installer in your area who can install them. Good Luck.

  2. Why would you pass on something that you LOVE just because you are having a little bit of problem contacting the company? That is just stupid.