Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 Goals... and How i'd going to do them

Financial $$$ Goals

Pay off non-mortgage Debt
Pay off Tile Loan -> $4,000.00 FTH Tax Return
Pay off Home Depot -> $4,000.00 FTH Tax Return

Lower Mortgage to under $115,000.00
By paying an extra $60.00 a month (slightly more then one extra payment a year)my balance will hit under $115,000.00. This move saves me $23,372.99 in interest over the life of the loan... and I get rid of my mortgage 63 months sooner... or 5.25 years faster.

Get emergency fund to $8,200.00 (+$1,200.00)
If I save an additional $100.00 a month I'll add over $1,000.00 to my emergency fund this year. No matter how much money I have in my Emergency fund, every year i'll continue to add more because its important to get in the habit of saving for emergencies... because one day i'll have to tap into it for, well an emergency... and this way i'll already have the discipline to build that money back up. Plus I'm a homeowner now and its more important then ever to save money for the unexpected.

Max out Roth IRA ($5,000.00)
I'll get 2 extra checks in 2010 (not including the one I'm getting this week which is going to the condo projects so I can finish them without harassing my emergency fund because those things are not emergencies.)Plus, I'll be adding $250.00 a month to my accounts so that should land me in the $5,000.00 range.

Car Fund $500.00 (+$250)
I'll be filtering money starting in March to get the full amount of my deductible stashed away incase of a car accident or an unbudgeted expensive repair. I'm waiting to March to make sure all the stuff with the condo is taken care of. =)

Increase Networth to $60,000.00
last year my goal was a networth of $65,000.00... and I would have made it if I didn't buy my condo... but, since I did, I'm ending the year with a networth of $50,000.00 So, I'm aiming for a more realistic $60,000.00. I make around $43,000 a year so i'm shooting to keep 23% of my income this year. Hopefully its a good year for the market. If I meet my other goals, ($5000.00 Roth, $1200.00 Ef, $2,418.77 Mortgage, $250.00 Car Fund) I'll only need to "find" or earn/save an additional $1,080.23 in Interest, Market Dividends, Overtime, Ect.

Personal Goals:

I have no more excuses come January 1st... and even though I like to start my new years resoultions on Thanksgiving... That's just not the case for me this year. I'll have a kitchen with running water after today, no roommates, and life will begin to move at a normal pace for me. I'm also giving up red meat and eating seafood, & poultry (Turkey, & chicken)only. One small step to getting healthier. Plus I'm going to attempt a food journal.

Give More
Kiva (micro loans), Childshare (fundraising, events, and time), my new church... and this doesn't just mean $$$$... it means time, talents, and love as well.

Track my spending
Last year I gave up half way through the year, and this year i'll be better at it. I won't go so nitty gritty and i'll categorize things more generally instead of trying to figure out how much milk and mustard I bought... lol man I was silly last year.

Read One book a Month or more
Cause I just like this one.


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