Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have debt again... Condo spending update

I financed my floors and my kitchen cabinets...

but before you get worried, its at zero percent no interest no payments for 12 months... which i'll have the tax rebate by then and can pay them off in full.

but i had to mention it and all the prices!

What I’ve spent on my Condo:
• Down payment, Closing Costs, Prorated fees… ect $7,057.08
• Locksmith $70.00
• 2 Parking permits $50.00
• Home Depot Weekend #1 (electrical, lighting, tools, etc) $459.83
• Food for Friends Weekend #1 $66.64
• Paint, Primer, Supplies: $231.13
• Medicine Cabinet: $44.00
• Re-surface Tub: $350.00
• Baseboards (bedrooms and closets), Door Frames (all), Tub Fixtures $265.59
• Random: $12.11

Door knobs, painting supplies: $63.24
Bathroom Sink, New Fawcetts, recessed kitchen lighting $233.55
Truck Rental $20.66
Stove cord $23.77
New electric stove, ceiling paint, and wall texture $424.95
Paint, Shower rod, Curtain, TP holderm Shelves for the bathroom $154.87
Random lighting, ceiling, and wall patch extras 34.91
Baseboards, kitchen sink, kitchen fawcett $381.58
plummer***** 490.01

Grand Total 10,433.92

Tile Loan: $4,345.00
Home Depot: $4,397.48

(8,000 tax buyer credit-- so an additional $742.48 of my own money once i get the credit to pay these financed items off---FYI nothing else will be financed)

I have 2.03% Equity as of today: $2,444.89/$120,000.00 (purchase price)

I still have $5,887.63 left in my remodel account…

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