Saturday, November 14, 2009

Floors this week

I bought the rest of the baseboards for the whole place and painted them.

i'm hoping my friend will come over Sunday afternoon and cut the boards to size, but not put them in yet. We have to get the hight of the tile once its installed because some walls will have tile on one side and carpet on the other, so we need to make them match up.

Tile goes in Monday, so monday night we will put in one board over the tile, and then do the area where the carpet will go (since well have the tile measurements) and hopefully get some of them in before the living room carpt goes in the next day.

For the most part, the to- do list is the same so i won't repost it.

Our goals for sunday are to fix the slider doors (so it gunks up the old flooring); maybe put in a mirrored closet if we can swing it, and possibly cut the baseboards so we can install some monday night.

If i can, i'll try and paint the laundry room closet in the middle of this week and just put a tarp down to cover the new floor since i can't paint parts of it till the box the washing machine/dryer is on is removed.

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  1. You go girl, glad you stood up for yourself. I'm also glad that you are educating yourself about your Home, and what it takes to keep it up, not many people do.