Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the weekend projects

I was painting the door to the closet, and I came out to grab a bottle of water and found my "brother" in the living room eating del taco on the floor in his work clothes. unexpectedly, I had more help then I knew I was going to get. We therefore were very productive. WOOT!

• I removed the light kit in the bathroom, and scrapped it clean with a razor blade.
• Bought the paint for the bathroom.
• Painted the first coat of the walls and the ceiling.
• Gave the ceiling a second coat of paint
• Gave the second coat of paint for the walls
• ***Put Light kit back up in the bathroom.
• ***Put the mirror back up
• Look for a new counter top and sink with new fixtures.-- & Purchased
• Put all the electrical outlet covers on the wall.
• Painted the other side of the door & painted one more coat on the side that’s painted.
• Replaced the door handles with a nice happy silver color.

• We put the smoke detector back on the ceiling (it was removed to paint the ceiling).
• ***Put the new base boards in.
• Painted and sanded 2 of them, 8 to go.
Living Room:
• Put all the outlet covers and switches back on.
• Touched up where wall meets ceiling
Entry way:
• Put all the outlet covers and switches back on.
Dining Room:
• Put all the outlet covers and switches back on.
• bought more ceiling paint and Painted the Ceiling
• outlet measurements complete. 2 moved. (a double switch is all that’s left)
Large Closet:
• Re-painted the closet door (it needed a second coat)
• Bought ceiling paint & Touched up the ceiling
• *** put in the new door frames--- Done, including sanding, repainting, and cutting some of the shelves to make them fit.
• 2 sides of the base boards are in, 4 to go and a small edge.
• ***Remove popcorn ceiling in places, texture ceiling.
• Clean the kitchen walls & put primer on them.
• Removed the bar area above the counter.
• Removed another set of drawers that was in the kitchen
• Purchased a new kitchen stove
• Cut the holes for the new can lights
• Took the old light fixtures down.
• Home depot is coming out to verify the kitchen design. (install cannot happen before Dec 10th, my contractor is a busy man and since he’s doing this for very little/free I shall order and wait for him.)

This weekend I got my flooring quote from The Tile Company… it’s a bit more then I wanted to spend, but they guarantee the work for 2 years--- any cracks chips, etc. I know I’m at lease getting my carpet done through them, possibly tile, but we shall see. Oh yeah, not doing the fake wood floors anymore. My contractor told me not to do them because in a year I’d have to rip them out and replace because they don’t hold up well to water and since they would be in the kitchen it’s not advisable. So I have my estimate done for the whole place in tile, and my bedroom and closets in carpet. I think I’m re-working the layout to try and get the living room in carpet but the design of the room is funny with how it meant up to the kitchen area. But this is what I got done this weekend.

Sadly, Roommates replacement for me told her she wasn't moving in... Which means no possibility of a partial sublease once their lease is signed... and she might have to move home with her dad.

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