Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updated to do list... Kitchen progress...

I’ve been slowly eliminating small projects that didn’t get accomplished over the weekend… and adding more things to the list to do. I think I have my complete kitchen design done. (Thanks to 2+ hours at the home depot with the design guy saying- “no, that’s not what I want. This is what I want.”)

In the end, and with my prodding and helping him with the computer program, it was complete. I kept telling him why it wasn’t working (cabinets are over lapping here—we have to add a shelf there, etc.). All I can say is that it was a good thing I drank some coffee before I went over there. I also decided to buy my knobs from home depot and not the cabinet company. It’s cheaper and the knobs are nicer.)

I decided I’ll be financing my kitchen remodel. To get everything finished by the time I move in, I’ll need to finance the kitchen so I have the money to pay for the floors and everything else that needs to be done on time. (I can’t do any of the floors until the kitchen is finished—and moving in with no floors is not an option.) The design guy at Home depot told me I can get 12 months no interest finance line of credit for it. I’ll make sure to have it paid off by the 12 months (I get the tax credit money in April which is mainly for my kitchen remodel. If I had that now, I could pay it all in cash.)

I’m keeping the dishwasher and washer/dryer that came with the condo. I’m also keeping my old fridge from my apartment.

In addition to the cabinets and the granite counter top (it was cheaper to get granite… no lie), I’ll be buying a built in microwave, a new garbage disposal, faucets for the sink, a new sink (I may get the sink for free if the granite company runs the same or similar promotion next month.), and a new stove.

Updated to do list (***indicates boyfriend , his daddy, and/or contractor project )

Large Closet (not in any order):
• Re-paint the closet door (it needs a second coat)
• Buy ceiling paint & Touch up the ceiling
• *** put in the new door frames
• ***Put in the new base boards.
• ***New carpet

Small Closet:
• ***Install baseboards
• Buy new mirrored door and ***install it.
• ***New carpet

• ***Remove light kit from the wall for painting the room purposes
• Buy the paint for the bathroom (different color then the rest of the place)
• Paint the ceiling
• Paint the bathroom walls
• *** remove existing tile
• ***replace the tile with new tile
• Paint/BUY the baseboards
• ***Put in the new door frames
• ***Put in the baseboards
• Look for a new counter top and sink with new fixtures and buy it.
• *** Install the countertop and new sink fixtures
• Put all the electrical outlet covers on the wall.
• Paint the other side of the door & paint one more coat on the side that’s painted.
• Replace the door handles with a nice happy silver color.
• Buy and install a towel rod/hanger thing
• Buy and install a shower curtain rod
• Buy a toilet paper holder thing
• Put in the new door stopper

• Re-paint the bedroom door (it needs a second coat)
• ***Put the smoke detector back in (removed to paint ceiling)
• ***Put the new base boards in
• ***Look at the sliding doors leading out to the patio… replace or fix.
• Put in the new door stopper.
• Measure for Custom plantation shutters, order them… ***install them
• ***New carpet.

Living Room:
• Touch up where wall meets ceiling
• Remove the carpet bit by bit... and the spike strips
• ***Install New fake wood floors
• ***Install door trim
• Paint/Buy baseboards
• ***Install baseboards
• Put all the outlets and switch covers on.
• Find wall A/C unit and buy.
• Submit paperwork for it to be installed.
• ***Install A/C Unit
• ***Fix the sliding Glass doors and screens
• Measure for Custom plantation shutters, order them… ***install them
• Buy new furniture?

Entry Way
• Buy more Ceiling paint and Paint Ceiling
• Put electrical covers on.
• Buy decorative trim
• Paint decorative trim
• ***Install decorative trim
• ***Put new door trim on.
• ***Remove tile.
• Replace old tile with fake Hardwood floors.

Dining Room
• Buy more ceiling paint and Paint Ceiling
• Paint wall adjacent to kitchen area. (decide color is other then Teepee Brown)
• Put on switch covers
• Measure to figure out where the outlets need to be moved to.

• ***Remove popcorn ceiling in places, texture ceiling.
• ***Get 4 can lights installed.
• Paint the ceiling.
• Remove the rest of the cabinetry that needs removal.
• Primer and paint existing, remaining walls.
• ***Move electrical outlets per kitchen design.
• Pick out a new stove
• Get rid of the old stove
• Buy a new microwave to have installed after cabinets.
• Have contractor friend look at kitchen design and get his opinions.
• Order new kitchen cabinets. (wait 3-4 weeks for delivery)
• Order granite countertops and knobs for doors (after cabinets are installed).
• Pick out floor
• ***Finish the switches
• ***Put in new floor.



  1. I really, really, really, really recommend getting a second opinion apart from Home Depot - Home Depot always subcontracts its work out to reputable folks who will be able to give you the exact same install for a lot less. Please - as one female property buyer to another - please at least talk to someone else. Granite installers get their granite from the same place as Home Depot and won't mark up nearly as much. Cabinet makers are also quite desperate right now - there are lots of good folks out there that would be able to do the same work for less.

  2. Which granite are you getting, and how much per square foot? I am thinking of getting the Black Galaxy, still getting price quotes though.

  3. taylor:
    My contractor isn't from home depot. He's a guy at my church who will be really fair to me.

    Future Planning:

    right now $49 a sq ft installed... but i havn't shopped around. I don't order the counter till the cabinents are installed. I'm going to start looking at other companies and getting quotes soon.

  4. Group 4 granite (which includes Black Galaxy) is 1/2 that price here in Texas (installed).

  5. Can I just mention how inspiring you are, to me at least? Only 23 and you have your own place. I'm 4 years older than you and still working for that. I also live in a high COL area so it's taking longer, but you are motivating me to put every extra penny to my 'future home' pot. If I lived in your area I would have already made the jump from renter to buyer. Keep up the good work. =)