Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Post weekend update

I figured how to drink coffee at work and not gag (read I didn’t get to bed last night till after 11:30pm and got up at 4:00am). No sugar added hot chocolate packet… Pour coffee over… stir… put over ice. FREE MOCA!

I bought some shinny door handles for my place and some random paint supplies: $63.24 Which brings my total spent to $8,669.62

My trip to Florida is officially cancelled since one of our friends can’t go (and she was signing us into the parks). I talked with my boyfriend, and we decided not to take a big trip. I’m going to get a new couch instead. Well enjoy it more over the short term and none of us wants to lug the black beast from my current place. The rest of the money I might use towards the condo or for a small weekend away.

Boyfriend paid last year’s taxes before the deadline while making all his CC payments. I’m proud of him.

I realized I packed my camera cord which is why I haven’t posted pictures yet, but I’m taking them don’t worry.

And now the breakdown of what we/I did this weekend on the condo:

Large Closet:
• Removed the light fixture and replaced it with the new one
• Finished painting the walls, the ceilings, the shelves, and both sides of the door and the door frame, etc. (no more paint needed in there!!)
• Door handle is now a pretty silver one.
• Baseboards are painted and waiting to be cut and installed.

Small Closet:
• Painted the ceiling and edged the wall.
• Painted the hallway and the ceiling between the two closets.
• Baseboards are painted and waiting to be cut and installed.

• New tub fixtures were put in.
• The tub/shower was caulked.
• Vanity mirror was removed, scrapped, and the border was re painted to match the base boards and door frames for the whole place.
• The door jamb and one side of the door were painted.
• I decided to keep the old cabinets and just buy a new top so well hunt for that soon.

• The ceiling was painted.
• Baseboards are painted and waiting to be cut and installed.
• Door jamb was painted.
• Weird cable box thingy was fixed.

Living Room:
• Walls painted
• Door that leads into the bedroom is painted

In addition to everything mentioned above, my “brother” and my ex (the guy before boyfriend who’s still my friend), came over with crow bars and removed all the old hanging cabinets in my kitchen.

I got a quote for recessed lighting in the kitchen and it was really high… so Boyfriend called a friend he works with who used to be an electrician… I think I’m getting it done with him for wayyyy cheaper.

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