Friday, October 30, 2009

the DOW right now

is falling... so i'm buying $100.00 of mutual funds since its friday and I would have bought some anyway...

here's the kicker though, without considering today's purchase, if my mutual fund eventually gets up to a share price of $8.51, i'll break even... I remember when I used to buy at $13.48

Thanks goodness for dollar cost averaging. without it, i'd be looking at a longer way to go to make my money back. looks like it will be a ruff quarter... the fear of the 10,000 mark is true... we rallied to get there, but maintaining is and surpassing it I believe is not in the cards this year.

what is cool, the national savings rate went up!

from msn's market dispatch:

Americans managed to save in September, with the personal savings rate rising to 3.3% of disposable income from 2.8% in August.

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