Thursday, August 6, 2009


I went shopping yesterday! I had to get a lavender dress for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding in November… before the color disappeared. Last week I hit every store in the mall… nothing in this shade of purple… then we hit the “the spectrum”… nothing in the whole place…. After countless outlets, including a Nordstrom’s Rack (which I found something I could have worked with, but it didn’t zip all the way)… we finally gave up and went to David’s Bridal. But no, nothing in that shade (the bride got her dress from Alfred Angelino and it’s a three month wait for a dress so I can’t get mine there since the wedding is in three months.)

I found the Dress at Jessica McClintock. It was the only one in the store in the right color… it was on the clearance rack… and I look like a million dollars… it was $80.48… not bad. All we have to do is hem it because I’m so short (a friends mom is doing it for me) and were going to take the extra fabric from the hem to make it into a halter (because it’s backless). So At least I found that.

I also got a $10.00 off a purchase of $20 for Khols (since my apartment is so close we get door hangers every now and then). So I went looking but I didn’t have much time. I found a Cute $39 dollar summer dress on clearance but there wasn’t a tag and I didn’t see anymore of them…. So I went just to see what it was listed at…. It came to, with tax $3.92…. So I still have my coupon and I’m going to hit khols up when I get some time… (I’ve lost a lot of weigh with the new eating program and a lot of my digs need to be replaced.) The pants I bought a couple weeks ago, baggy. So sad… nothing ever fits at my waist… But the dress will still fit and look good is I loose more, or if I keep the same or gain a lb or two (which will not happen because I want to look like a knock out for that wedding in November.)

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