Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cell phone

Okay… I need a new cell phone… and my policy is always the same… I never pay for one. I found 4 phones that have what I deem worthy. They all have the three things I need

They vibrate, they have a speaker phone, and they have a camera…

As a bonus, these also have blue tooth capacity, and are MP3 players.

Sony Ericsson w350 Blue
Samsung a637 Black
LG CF360 Black with blue Accents
Samsung a237 Blue

All are free with contract renewal, so $18.00 activation fee (and come with the charger). Any horror stories? I was thinking of getting the propel, but the sale ended last month and I won’t pay for a phone so it got scratched.

I’m thinking I might do a drive by the store and see if I can fiddle with the enough to get a feel for them, then buy it online.

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