Monday, August 10, 2009

=) Roomate knows, and inspection hunt.

I told my roommate that i'm going into escrow today... she took it well and has apparently found someone to take my place so she won't have to move. A win win situation! I'm excited for her because I knew she didn't want to move home with her dad and now she won't have to. Who knows, maybe I can get taken off the lease early and have this new girl replace me?

I spent the morning researching inspectors and I found one. I'll be making an appointment with him for Monday (my day off) when I leave the library.

Boyfriend saw the one bedroom and likes it, so does his dad who offered to put up my ceiling fans since the electricity is already there.

I also know a construction guys who's offered to help me with my kitchen remodel. =)

I may go down to Home depo and looks at some paint swabs later this week for fun!

Looks like the inspection will cost me around $275.00 - $300.00

My loan guy at BOFA e-mailed me the documents I need to fill out and told me what I need to bring him. Once boyfriend gets home i'll print that stuff out at his house, sign, and drop it off at the loan office. =)

The official papers should be coming to my relator today, of which i will then get a copy over to my loan guy.

And apparently, he told me rates were dropping! Woot.

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  1. picking paint colors for my house was delightful!