Saturday, August 8, 2009

Awwwww i feel so good!

I spent my morning (prior to the discovery that I was going into Escrow on Monday)pricing one bedrooms since I was getting very frustrated with the house hunt.

The cheapest was 1050 ((next door to my current apartment)--a nice move in deed, lol)).. add in pet rent and its 1,100.00

The condo, for taxes, HOA, PMI, & Mortgage $1,183.87... My closing costs and downpayment are estimated to run me $9,609.40 ($8,000 returned by Uncle Sam)So $1,609.40 (the cost of pet rent and a security deposit.)

How B-E-A-utiful is that? after the tax deductions it's about the same (if not cheaper), and I get to get equity.

I already have remodle ideas! No more roommate for good... I wonder when I should tell her...


  1. Good luck with the roommate and congrats on your first home. :)