Saturday, August 8, 2009

I Heart khols

I did more shopping. I’ve lost ten lbs since my trek to the doctor (I was 154 lbs on my zeroing scale… yesterday it was 144) and khols was having a tax free weekend, 20% off entire purchase, additional clearance markdowns, and I had a $10 off your purchase of $20.00.. not to mention it was a sale with power hours… all of that I didn’t know until I went to the store.

I saved $260… and got 3 bras (2 pretty and one strapless---something I’ve wanted for a year), one dress, 4 petit tops, and one regular top… all for $80.00.

I didn’t buy bottoms. I’m waiting till my 30 days of the new diet is up (were on day 8), and a month into adding healthy grains (ones without flour and sugar) to see how I stabilize weight wise. The shirts will fit nice one me if I drop more or stay the same, so I bought those. The dress will just look nicer if I drop more.

I can wear a belt till then and I might put a few pairs of pants in the dryer to tighten them up since I air dry all my clothes. (on a side note, a pair of capris that was too snug, they fit again so I’m going to sew on the button that fell off and add them into my closet rotation.)

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