Friday, July 17, 2009

pay day friday!

Today is pay day!!!!

I'm really excited, because Drum roll please

I get to start beefing up the house down payment fund again!!!! it was only $290 this month, but all my annual obligations will be met in 2 weeks so i can begin to dump money like a lunatic into my home fund.

I have officially set aside 1500 for a vacation to Florida... Which if it cannot be used for Florida (depending on our friends), possibly a fun cruise to Alaska??? or viewing more of the west coast in a mini drive the state road trip... or possibly the grand canyon... Sky's the limits in my opinion.

I'll update the side bars and all my saving accounts in a little bit. In other news, It looks like I'll be a brides maid after all again. So the overtime from my paycheck and most of my house sitting money will be put towards those upcoming November nuptials... but i should have enough left over to get my cell phone contract renewed and my cell replaced for just the tax and fee of the plan... (boyfriends old cell phone from when he was 16 was wonderful when he lent it to me, but I think it's time for a new one... while i can still return it in working order as a back up for him in case he breaks his.)

I think I might like the Samsong propel... any thoughts?

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  1. The propel freezes up sometimes and the touchscreen is kind of slow. My sister has one. Its an OK phone but nothing special. You should get the Jack. Its the new version of the blackjack by samsung. I love it!