Friday, April 17, 2009

A bit late, but Monday's Grocery shopping

It was mexican night at my sisters so we made enchaladas from scratch.

Sour cream 2.00
Heavy whipping cream 2.00
Lipton rice (2 boxes) 2.50
Whole Wheat Pasta 4.49--- this was supposed to be 3.00… didn’t notice till now…
Juice 3.50
Refried beans 1.50
Diced tomatoes and green chilies (3 cans) 2.97
Carrots 1.04
Cilantro .99
Celery .79

Total: 21.78

I ate leftovers for a couple of days so i was thrilled. Next week its grilled chicken so i'll need to pick up 2 more chicken breasts cause i have two in the freezer from last month still. (we trade off on who brings sides and who provides the main meal, but Boyfriend and I do the cooking so it tastes good.)

Today will be the last lunch of leftovers so i think that tonight or tomorrow i might hard boil some eggs, use so of the veggies I have, and some leftover bacon and have a nice salad for dinner tonight (before we go set up for the rummage sale.)

This is kind of a stupid ephiphany... but oh well. If you put food in the crispers and use the correct settings--- it lasts longer. My leftover lettuce hasn't wilted from BLT week. I used to just leave my produce on the shelves in the fridge so i'd see it and remember to eat it, but man, i'm glad i discovered the temperature changer on the bin!

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