Saturday, February 7, 2009

No overtime/ Puppy sitting /Federal return/ Roth and House updates:

I turned in my time card for this up coming pay period… and my boss just had to make the comment that this is my first paycheck in a long time that has not had any overtime on it.

Realistically, they have asked all employees to balance their hours to avoid overtime. I.e. leave early on another day if you had to stay late to work on a project….

I had to do this on my last paycheck so I wouldn’t get an hour of overtime… So I can’t count on much overtime (only holiday pay and holiday worked… and the occasional sub shift for extra income.)


I did do some puppy sitting for 2 days while some acquaintances were out of town, so my little extra for February won’t be squashed by my boss. Hello $60 bucks for living in a house worth at least 2.5 million (even in the crappy market). And I get to go back in March. Don’t know for how long I’ll be there, but it’s the same commute to work so its nice to get a few extra dollars from this.

I also had some issue with a gift card I received for Christmas. I tried to use it on books and such, but they forgot to activate it. It was from one of my mom’s friends. (who hates me now… but whatever)… While I told her it wasn’t a big deal, she ended up writing me a check for $75.00 (the value of the card because apparently the store never charged her for it in the first place)… now that the card is cash, it’s harder for me to want to spend it. It’s going to sit around a bit longer with the $60 from puppy sitting. I may use it for some really good sunglasses (I’m lifeguarding more at work…) or it may eventually go to the ROTH… but for now it gets to sit.

I got my federal return yesterday. $1,634.00….. But California owes me 186.00…. which I’m still waiting on.

Roth IRA =$2,832.62 +186 the State owes me +1124.08 (approx value of my extra check in June) = 857.30 to find to max the thing out for 2009! Woot woot

House DP: $9,435.46 Bueno
Wedding fund: $20.79

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