Sunday, January 25, 2009


House Downpayment: $9,403.87

Just as you have been paying closer attention to the possible tax increases our state assembly may begin to impose on us in the near future to handle their overspending, so have I.

Yesterday I got my DMV bill for my car stickers and the like. Normally this bill is supposed to go down each year as your vehicle becomes older and cheaper to insure.

Last year I paid $141.00 for stickers. This year I’m being charged $155.00. That’s a 10% increase when I figured it might drop down a buck or two. Good thing I save up the amount of my bill the year before so I already have the 141.00 and only need to come up with the extra $14.00…

If they end up tripling the car tax I’d end up with a VERY hefty bill.


In other news, all my 1099’s have come in the mail.

The grand total for 2008: $372.13 (that’s pretty eh? All for doing nothing and just saving money)


All I’m waiting for now is my W2. Then I’ll free file on-line and pay 19.95 for my state return to be done at Wait ten days, and bam… refund goes to this years retirement…

And if you saw what my shares were selling for right now, you’d want that cash ASAP to buy while they are just so darn low!

I just hope I get it soon so I won't get stuck with some IOU from the government.

for 2009: I'm claiming 1 for the whole year on both state and federal. Last year I did zero because I don't want to A) give the Feds and interest free loan anymore... and B) I think its dishonest and rude to tell tax payers they may get IOU's because they overpaid in good faith, but the government won't accept IOU's from people.

come on pretty W2


  1. you know that you can file for FREE on the california website (calfile), right? i know so many people who pay to file, when they can do it for free if they just print out a hard copy of their fed taxes and pull the numbers they need off there. takes a couple of extra mins, but worth it to save the 20 bucks! for someone who is so big on saving money, it seems foolish to pay for something you can do for free...

  2. I didn't know I could do a Calfile...

    Sweet and thanks for the tip. I'll have to check it out when I get my W2!!!!!

  3. I am definitely getting impatient for my W2s to come too. Hopefully yours come soon!

  4. WHAT?!!? IOU's from my tax return?? I filed 1 this year and am still going to get $600 back. They better give me my money!

  5. congrats on everything,ur doing great!